Which is Better for the Environment; Septic or Sewer in Elma, NY? Advantages, Downsides & More

There are some people that live in rural areas where a septic system is going to be their only option as far as wastewater is concerned for their homes. However, in urban areas, or areas that have a higher population, your house is probably already linked to a municipal sewer. Some areas allow homeowners to to make a choice whether to be linked to the municipal sewer or to have a septic system. If this is the case for you, you will need to know the difference between the two. Damorie Construction is here to talk about septic systems and sewer systems so you can make the best choice for your home.

How Do You Know if You are Septic or Sewer?

There is a distinct difference between septic systems and sewer systems. The biggest difference being that a septic system is a system that takes care of wastewater on site and the homeowner is is responsible for installation costs and any costs to maintain the septic system. A sewer system removes wastewater to a centralized treatment plant where the city and local government deal with it through public funds and taxes. In some cases, there may be visual signs you have a septic system. Another way to determine if your home has a septic system is to check your property records. The property deed, building permit and design plans for your home and property will likely contain information about the presence or lack of a septic system.

Which One is Better for the Environment; Septic or Sewer?

One thing that many homeowners are going to appreciate about septic systems is that these systems are environmentally friendly. When a septic system is properly maintained, they require much less infrastructure than a sewer system. They also use less power than municipal treatment plants use. Lastly, septic tanks don’t use strong chemicals to treat wastewater like municipal treatments plants do.

Advantages of a Septic System

Above, we listed the ways that septic systems are good for the environment, but there are other ways that septic systems are beneficial as well.
– Freedom: If you are wanting to live independently from a city municipality, a septic system allows you to do this safely. Anyone who wants to live in the country can do so with the help of a septic system.
– Budget Friendly: In most cases, homeowners will find that it is far more budget friendly to have a septic system installed on their property than linking up to a municipal sewage system on your property.
– Monthly Savings: When you’re linked to a municipal sewage system, there are monthly costs that are attached to the services that it provides. When you have a septic system, you are responsible for the maintenance of the system, but you also don’t have to spend any money on a monthly basis on your water bills.

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If you are thinking about putting a septic system on your property, you can turn to Damorie Construction to install it for you. We can answer any of the questions that you have about a septic system so that you can decide if it’s the best option for your property. Septic systems require minimal infrastructure and can be a great addition to your property. Call us today!

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