Hydro Excavation in Western New York

For more than ten years, discerning clients in Western New York and its neighboring areas have consistently selected D’Amorie Construction. As a fully licensed and insured company, we are dedicated to delivering trustworthy and high-quality work. Our commitment to prioritizing customer needs has fostered enduring relationships and earned us an outstanding reputation within our community. The courteous staff at D’Amorie Construction always prioritizes customer satisfaction. Among the many services we offer, D’Amorie Construction provides Hydro Excavating.

What is the Hydro Excavation Method?

Hydro excavation is a method for removing soil that utilizes pressurized water instead of mechanical tools. This process involves creating a dirt slurry with the water, and hydrovac equipment is then employed to vacuum the slurry, exposing deeper layers of the ground. This technique is frequently employed by crews to safely uncover existing utility lines and pipe systems, minimizing the risk of breaks or tears.

How Does Hydro Excavating Work?

Initially, hydrovac operators employ high-pressure water wands to cut through the soil and soften the ground. Subsequently, they suction the resulting mud slurry into the tank of an excavation truck, allowing crews to expose a deeper layer of soil and any pre-existing underground facility networks. Upon completion of the task, the slurry can be released from the holding tank back onto the ground, covering once again the exposed subsurface facilities. Hydrovac excavations offer various options. Operators can utilize the equipment for full excavation projects or for daylighting, which involves uncovering small patches of underground areas to locate utilities. Additionally, crews can choose between two types of vacuums: a positive displacement blower or fan system. Fan systems, being lighter, less expensive, easier to operate, and quick in excavation, are suitable for most applications. On the other hand, positive displacement blowers, while generally slower, operate at greater depths, making them well-suited for heavy-duty excavation projects.

What are the Common Uses of Hydro Excavation?

These systems are used at a variety of work sites for construction, repairs, rehabilitation, and inspections. Specific applications include:
– Trenching and slot trenching
– Sign installation
– Sewer inspections, repairs, and rehabilitation
– Potholing
– Pole installation
– Locating subsurface and underground utilities
– Line installation
– Debris removal
– Daylighting

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is an increasingly favored alternative to mechanical excavation, offering a range of key advantages:
1) Reduced Risk of Injury or Damage: The use of water pressure to cut through tough grass and soil minimizes the risk to bystanders and underground utilities. By softening and vacuuming up the soil, the process unveils wires and pipes without the need for heavy backhoes or sharp metal equipment that could pose threats.
2) Precision: Operators employ a handheld pressurized wand to direct the water stream, cutting through and softening the soil. This allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces with minimal disruption to the surroundings, even when faced with obstacles like streetlights, signs, or adjacent utility systems. The small and flexible wands enable operators to work in various locations.
3) Winter Utility: Hot water hydrovac systems have the capability to heat and soften frozen soil, facilitating construction and repair projects during cold months.
4) Efficient Project Completion: Unlike mechanical excavation tools that can easily damage utilities and pipes, hydrovac excavation is a gentler process that avoids disruptions and costly repairs. It ensures a swift and convenient project completion without the delays associated with damages caused by traditional excavation methods.

Hydro Excavation in Western New York

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