Sewer Lateral, Grinder Pump & Lift Station Installation & Repair

Throughout the Greater Western New York area, D’Amorie Construction delivers quality workmanship for all of your sewer services. With over a decade of experience, D’Amorie Construction is the leading expert for your sewer needs. Our professionals are more than qualified to deliver superior services and using advanced materials and equipment, you can count on quality that lasts.

Sewer Line Installation & Lateral Replacement

D’Amorie Construction is proud to assist our Western New York customers with sewer laterals. When a commercial or residential building needs to connect to the city’s sewer line, you want D’Amorie Construction to install an underground pipe, or a sewer lateral to make sure it is done right. With our replacing, installation, and repairing services readily available, you can ensure our experts use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make these repairs, installation and replacement services premium.

Grinder Pump Installation & Repair

D’Amorie Construction installs and repairs grinder pumps and pits for the Western New York customers. There are quite a few homes’ featuring basements that have a real need for a grinder pump system. In some areas, it is a requirement in the home. When you need a replacement, new home installment, or you need some needed repairs, D’Amorie Construction will ensure these services are done with proficiency to deliver quality.

Sewer Lift Station Install & Repair

D’Amorie Construction in Western New York includes lift station installation and repairs for the areas in Western New York that the land elevation will not accommodate a gravity-fed septic system. This system comprises of a power supply system, alarm system, odor control system, and ventilation system and they are designed to move wastewater from a lower to higher elevation. With the complexity of these systems, you need D’Amorie Construction to ensure it is installed correctly for efficient performance.

Lift Station Wet Well Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance and repair is equally important and with D’Amorie Construction you can be assured that the work on your Western New York lift station is done thoroughly with attention to detail and quality. Because of the moving parts involved and the fact the system pumps raw sewage from a lower elevation to a higher one so it can continue along the sewers, they eventually wear. With routine cleaning and repairs, your lift station can last. With routine monthly cleaning for your Western New York lift station, you can avoid buildup problems that can ensure. Oil and grease are a major contributor to the buildups as they can slip through most screens and filters. They are often the underlying issue when it comes to clogs that slow the functioning of the lift station. D’Amorie Construction is readily available to provide repairs when your lift station is not performing well.

Sewer Lateral, Grinder Pit & Lift Station Installation & Repair in Orchard Park, Blasdell, West Seneca, Lackawanna, Cheektowaga, Buffalo NY & Western New York

D’Amorie Construction is happy to provide installation and repair services to the commercial and residential customers in the Greater Western New York area for your sewer laterals, grinder pumps and pits, along with lift stations. With our experience and diligence in providing our customers with quality, you can put your trust in D’Amorie Construction for quality services. Call D’Amorie Construction today to discuss your sewer laterals, grinder pumps and pits, along with lift stations installation or repair services!

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