Site Utilities Contractors; Precast Concrete Building Systems, Grading, Hydroseeding, Excavation & More

D’Amorie Construction is a fully licensed and insured company with over a decade of experience providing the locals of Western New York with a variety of quality services. Our team is more than qualified and uses advanced equipment and products for long-lasting results. We continue to build a quality relationships with our valued customers and our reputation within the community is one of our top priorities. Being proficient with site and utility work allows us to deliver workmanship with professional courtesy and friendly customer service, as we continue to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Precast Concrete Catch Basins & Man Holes

Among the site work D’Amorie Construction delivers in Western New York includes precast concrete catch basins and man holes. For an increased quality control rather than on-site concrete construction, precast concrete is both time and cost efficient among other benefits for your project. D’Amorie Construction’s precast concrete construction includes many advantages over other options allowing enhanced characteristics with longevity, layout, construction depth, stability system, and more.

Underground & Above Ground Service Connections

D’Amorie Construction utility construction in Western New York area will at the very least, with the connecting of utilities inside the structure to outside utilities. More in-depth services will assist with the underground utilities, connecting to commercially provided utilities, and all utilities necessary inside the structure. Being interconnected, D’Amorie Construction is readily available for grading construction, utility construction as well as civil and site development.

Site Utilities Scope of Work

D’Amorie Construction provides the following utility construction services, but is not limited to:
– Water and sewer service
– Storm water drainage
– Underground electrical, gas, and telecommunications
– Utility infrastructures for subdivisions or developments
– Underground excavations for large structures
– Site and parking lot lighting

Grading Services

D’Amorie Construction grading services to help prepare project sites for construction and create a blank slate in Western New York and surrounding areas. With the grading expertise of D’Amorie Construction, we will make certain it is done safely and efficiently for laying the best groundwork. Any sudden or unseemly breaks in the landscape or areas surrounding the building are prevented with our dirt grading work. The grading can be easily extended to adjust the area to trees that are designated to stay on the property as well. We are careful not to harm the roots when land grading around trees and can make adjustments accordingly to preserve trees while still delivering efficiently grading services.


D’Amorie Construction provides hydroseeding as the most effective solution for seeding your Western New York lawn. Other methods of germination is only about 25%-35%, whereas hydroseeding allows 75%-85% germination. Our methods for hydroseeding will help you get a better balanced seeded lawn with optimal results.

Site Utilities Contractors; Precast Concrete Building Systems, Grading, Hydroseeding, Excavation & More in Orchard Park, Blasdell, West Seneca, Lackawanna, Cheektowaga, Buffalo NY & Western New York

Excavation services are done with specialized equipment in the Greater Western New York area by D’Amorie Construction. With no job being too small or too big, our team of experts can ensure the property is properly cleared for your project. While maintaining high standards, safety, professionalism, and quality, you can count on our excavation services. Contact us today!

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