Benefits of Hydro Excavation VS Mechanical in Hamburg, NY? Efficient, Avoids Utilities & More

Before any large-scale construction project can truly begin, there is a great deal of dirt and land that needs to be moved. Excavation is a big part of construction. There is more than one way that the excavation process can be done. Today we would like to talk about hydro excavation. This excavation method is different than the traditional excavation route and has some killer benefits. D’Amorie Construction is here to talk about some of these benefits and how hydro excavation can help you.

What is the Difference Between Hydro Excavation & Mechanical Excavation?

When you need to get land moved so that construction can begin, there are several benefits that come from choosing hydro excavation.
– Accuracy: Traditional excavation methods involved heavy equipment like back hoes and other large tractors. This can provide you with excavation that is less than accurate. Hydro excavation used high pressured water and a specialized vacuum to remove the dirt. It is much easier to remove the dirt accurately using this type of excavation.
– Safety: Shovels, back hoes, diggers and other large machinery can be dangerous for the crews that are working on the project. The water and air vacuum that is used in hydro excavation is much safer and provides less risk for the crews onsite. There is far less change of injury when working with this equipment.
– Efficiency: Whenever you are digging large holes, it can be time consuming because you remove the dirt and then have to move it to a different location. With hydro excavation, the dirt is removed and vacuumed into the tank so that the earth is removed and work can get started right away. This is a far more efficient way to work.
– Avoids Utilities: Utility lines are something that need to be considered anytime you are excavating. If they are hit or even slightly touched during excavation, it can lead to a big cleanup and costly repairs. Because hydro excavation is so accurate, you don’t have to worry about hitting these important lines.
– Affordable: It might seem like hydro excavation would be more expensive because it is such a new and sought after way of excavating, but it is actually more affordable. This is due to the fact that the crews to get the job done are much smaller. It also takes less time to get the job done because of accuracy and efficiency. The cleanup process is also much smaller when you choose hydro excavation.

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If you have some excavating that needs to be done to start moving forward with a large project, you can turn to D’Amorie Construction and our hydro excavation services to get it done right. We will make sure that the excavating you need done is not only done accurately, but timely as well. It is our goal to ensure you’re ready to get going on your project as quickly as possible. Call us today!

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