What is the Purpose of a Sewer Lateral Pipe in Elma, NY? What are Laterals Made Of & More

If you are like most people, you haven’t given the sewer lateral outside of your house much thought. In fact, there are probably several people that don’t even know what the sewer lateral is. To explain it quickly, it is the line of pipe that is responsible for keeping your home running. Since there are several people that don’t know what the sewer lateral is exactly, we are going to walk you through it. D’Amorie Construction is here to explain what a sewer lateral is and why it is so important for your house.

What is a Sewer Lateral

For those that don’t know what a sewer lateral is, it is the pipe that runs from your house to the city’s municipal drain sewer. This is usually located in the front of your house. It is responsible for getting rid of all the wastewater in your home. Without it, you would be pretty miserable.

Interesting Facts About Your Sewer Lateral

If you aren’t familiar with a sewer lateral line, we thought we would share some interesting facts about this ever-important piece of pipe that connects your home to the city’s main sewer line.
– Sewer Lateral Lines Have Changed: In the past, a sewer lateral line used to be made out of cast iron. Over time, it was discovered that this type of pipe would corrode and cause major problems for this reason, today’s sewer lateral lines are made of PVC pipes instead. PVC pipes have been used since the 1970s and aren’t going to change anytime soon.
– Size of Sewer Lateral Pipe: For most homes, the sewer lateral line will be a PVC pipe that is 4 inches in diameter. There are some homes that have a 3 inch or a 6 inch main though. These numbers are going to depend on the house.
– Insurance Coverage: When you have a problem with your sewer lateral, you can count on most insurance companies to cover the cost of damages. This can be huge when you’re dealing with massive amounts of damage that can be a result of a sewer lateral issue.
– Sewer Lateral Repairs are Expensive: If you have repairs that need to be made to your sewer lateral, be prepared because the price tag is a high one. For this reason, it is wise to have yours cleaned out every few years to ensure debris isn’t in there causing problems.
– City & Owner Repair Coverage: When you have an issue with your sewer lateral, it doesn’t always mean that you as a homeowner are responsible for the repairs. Sometimes, the city is responsible depending on where the damage is.

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If you are in need of sewer lateral work, you can turn to D’Amorie Construction to get you taken care of. Whether you need a replacement or initial installation, you can count on us. We will make sure this important pipe is working properly. Call us today!

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