How Many Days or Weeks Does the Excavation Stage of Construction Take in Cheektowaga, NY?

When it comes to building a new home, there are several things that need to be done before the building process can even begin. You will do things like meet with an architect to get your plans approved, have the land surveyed, and much, much more. One part of the building process that is vital is excavation. This portion of building a new home is something that you want to get right for the integrity of your home’s foundation will depend on it. It can leave homeowners wondering how long they can expect he excavation process to take though. D’Amorie Construction is here to talk about what excavation looks like and how long the process takes.

What are the Steps in Excavating?

If you have never built a home, you might now realize how involved the excavation process can be. Excavation is the process in which rock, dirt, and other materials are moved to begin building. There are several different processes that are involved in excavating as well including trenching, digging, dredging, and site development. There are specific tools and equipment that are used in the process to make sure this is done just right. Once there is an approved plan in place, the excavation process can officially begin.

Different Foundation Types Require Different Excavation Demands

There are several different types of foundations, and they will all require different demands as far as excavation is concerned, particularly how deep the digging will be. Some of the different foundations include:
– Slab: This is the most basic type of foundation used. There are a wide range of options that are available to you with this type of foundation, but it is important that the slab will have the ability to stand up to the local environment which can drive up the cost.
– Crawl Space: There will be about 30 inches of excavation needed with this type of crawl space to help protect it against the frost. If the building is happening in the mountains, it will need 36-40 inches of excavation as a minimum requirement.
– Basement: This is the most popular type of foundation. Homeowners usually choose this foundation because it gives them the most bang for their buck.

How Many Days or Weeks Does Excavation Take?

There are several factors that can impact the length of time it takes to get the excavation taken care of before building can truly start. The process can range from 3-4 days and go up to 3-4 weeks for the process to be complete.

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If you are getting ready to build a home, you are going to want an excavation team that will ensure the process is done right and that your foundation will be as structurally sound as possible. At D’Amorie Construction, we provide our customers with superior excavation services that they can trust. We will make sure the ground is properly prepared for your home to be built. Call us today!

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