Site Prep; Why is Hydroseed Better than the Regular Way to Plant Grass Seed in Eggertsville, NY?

If you have a new construction home or commercial property, once construction is completed, there is another phase of the project and that is to landscape. Landscaping your property can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to get your grass planted at a price that you can afford is to use hydroseed. If you have never heard of this method for planting your grass, Damorie Construction is here to answer your questions and explain what the process looks like.

Advantages of Hydroseeding VS Conventional Seeding

Nothing is more frustrating than laying down some grass seed and finding that half of the seeds get blown away in the wind, eaten by birds, or having it washed away in the next rainstorm. This is where hydroseeding can come into play. This new way of seeding your property for grass is one of the most effective ways to get a lush, green lawn. When you choose this method, the seeds are mixed with a mulch made up of wood or paper that bonds directly to the ground to help keep those seeds in place. This mulch mat creates a greenhouse effect that helps promote germination and upwards of 90% of the seeds will germinate.

The Best Time to Hydroseed Your Property

There is some speculation about when the best time to hydroseed your property might be. It is important to wait until the ground is not getting frozen any longer. This is why it is optimal to hydroseed your property between April and October. Outside of those months, there is a risk of freezing that is too high. The weather will warm up and germination will start, only to be killed by a hard frost that comes on the tail end of spring or the later part of fall. Hydroseeding in the spring will help give you a jump start on a lush, green lawn for the summer months. If you do end up hydroseeding in the summer, make sure you are going to be home for an extended period of time to ensure it is getting watered enough to keep the grass seedlings thriving.

How to Care for Hydroseed

When you have your property hydroseeded, it is important that you care for it properly to get the results that you’re looking for. Here are some care tips:
– Watering: You need to water the hydroseed 2-3 times a day for the first few weeks. Do not over water to the point that there are puddles in the hydroseed.
– Mowing: You shouldn’t cut your grass until the lawn is over 3 inches high.
– Fertilizer: Through the summer, you should be fertilizing your lawn every 6-8 weeks using a high quality fertilizer.

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If you are ready to plant your grass and are looking for a budget friendly option, you can turn to Damorie Construction to hydroseed your property as part of our site preparation services. Our hydroseeding is the most effective solution for seeding your Western New York lawn as it will help you get a better balanced seeded lawn with optimal results. Other methods of germination is only about 25%-35%, whereas hydroseeding allows 75%-85% germination. Call us today!

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