Why is Drainage Important for Landscaping in Lackawanna, NY? Prevents Soil Erosion & More

When your home has proper landscape drainage, it probably isn’t something you give much thought to. However, if you don’t have the drainage your property needs, it can create huge problems for both the property and your house. There are several different reasons why landscape drainage should be something that all homeowners thing about and consider. Damorie Construction is here to talk about how landscape drainage can benefit your property and what different types of drainage systems might look like.

How Landscape Drainage Benefits Your Property

It is important to understand why landscape drainage is so essential. Here are some of the ways proper drainage benefits your property:
– Prevents Soil Erosion: When the water on your property isn’t being properly drained, it can cause soil erosion to occur. This can lead to other problems like instability in the soil. Many homeowners end up struggling with sink holes around their property when this happens. Not only that, but when soil erosion is happening, the essential nutrients in your soil are washing away and that can leave you with soil you can’t work with.
– Foundation Protection: Water plays a big role in the health of your home’s foundation. If you have water that is pooling at your foundation, it creates immense pressure on the walls of your foundation and can cause damage. Likewise, if the soil isn’t getting enough water, it can cause the soil to shrink and cause damage. With proper drainage, you will be protecting your home’s foundation and ensuring it is stable for much longer.
– Healthy Landscape: Most plants don’t do well when they get too much water. Your plants, trees, and grass all need to have adequate water, but not too much of it. This is where landscape drainage comes into play. It can help create this delicate balance that the plants in your landscape require.

What are the Different Types of Drainage Systems?

There is more than one kind of landscape drainage for you to choose from.
– French Drains: if you have a waterlogged property with uneven terrain, French drains can help to get rid of the problem. They use a sloped trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe to get rid of excess moisture.
– Channel Drains: if you have driveways and patios that need drainage solutions, channel drains might be the answer. These linear drains often go over driveways and patios to collect and redirect surface water.
– Surface Drains: These basins are located in low lying areas of your property to collect and divert excess water on the property.
– Custom Drainage: Your property might require specialized drainage solutions that will require a custom system. This allows the contractor you’re working with to custom fit your drainage solutions to fit the specific needs of the property.

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