What are Signs of Emergency Septic Tank Issues in Buffalo, NY? Sewage Overflow, Flooding & More

The septic tank on your property is more than likely something that you choose not to think about. However much you might want to forget about it, it is an essential part of the overall function of your home. When you have a septic issue on your hands, it can turn into a disaster quickly. When it comes to your septic tank, it is always best to catch problems early on before the problem is so out of control that a complete septic replacement is necessary. Damorie Construction is here to talk about the signs of a septic emergency so that you will know what to watch for on your property.

What are the First Signs of Septic Problems?

Most septic tanks are buried underground on your property. Because they are underground, it can be difficult to detect a problem with them until the problem is a big one. Here are some of the signs that you should be watching out for:
– Sewage Overflow: When sewage, or black water, starts to overflow into your home, you know there is a problem that needs to be addressed. This will usually first happen in the toilets that are on the lowest level of your home. It might be caused by a clogged pipe or a septic tank that is too full.
– Drain Issues: Sometimes, when you have drains that are incredibly slow or are making gurgling or bubbling noises, it is also a sign that something is amiss. When it’s just one drain, you probably just have a clog in that one drain line, but when you are hearing this in all of the drains on the lower level of your home, it is usually a sign of a bigger problem.
– Flooding: If your septic tank is too full or some other issue with it, it can cause flooding to happen around the septic tank itself. So, if you walk out into your backyard and feel the ground is mushy and filled with water around the area where your septic tank is, you know it’s time to call someone for help.

What to Do if Septic Tank is Overflowing or Having Another Emergency Issue?

When you have a septic tank emergency, it can leave your flustered. However, make sure you take the following actions to get the problem resolved:
– Shut off the water in your house. Make sure you aren’t using anymore water as it will all drain into the septic tank.
– Ensure all the areas where black water has made contact are cleaned thoroughly.
– Call a septic tank specialist to come fix the problem.

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If you are having issues with your septic tank, you can turn to Damorie Construction to come take a look. We will do all of the digging we need to do to get to the bottom of whatever is going on with your septic system. Call us today!

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