Advantages of Hydro Excavation Services in Blasdell, NY; Accuracy, Safety, Efficiency & More

Excavating land for a construction project can be one of the most daunting and challenging aspects of the project. There are numerous ways that you can work to excavate land, but there is one that stands out for many different reasons, hydro excavation. There are several benefits that come from excavating this way. D’Amorie Construction is here to talk about hydro excavation and why it is so beneficial to do any excavating this way.

How Hydro Excavation is Done

The excavation process includes moving land from one place to another. It usually involves a great deal of digging and moving dirt. When this is done using hydro excavation, high pressured water is used to do the digging and moving of the soil using an air vacuum. The water pressure is so high that it can actually dig and move soil as the air vacuum moves that soil to the tank. It is a great way to achieve excavation so that the land is ready for the next stage in the development process.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Some of the benefits of choosing hydro excavation for your next project might include:
– Accuracy: When using heavy machinery and manual labor to dig holes for excavation, it is rarely precise and creates a huge mess to deal with. When you do excavate with hydro excavators, the specialize vacuum and high pressure water remove the dirt for a simpler and more accurate result. The water pressure is so intense that the results you get are extremely accurate. This makes it a great option for smaller spaces that are in need of excavation.
– Safety: Hydro excavation is non-mechanical and non-destructive which makes it a much safer option to do excavating. There is a much lower risk of injury to those that are working on the project when compared to using heavy machinery to do the same job.
– Efficiency: Manual digging or using heavy machinery takes quite a bit more time to accomplish the same task when compared to hydro excavation. Since the dirt is sucked up by the vacuum, there isn’t a bunch of dirt that needs to be moved when the job is done. This can cut the time to get the project completed nearly in half.
– Safer for Utility Lines: There are many underground pipes and sewers that need to be left alone during the excavation process. Hydro excavation is done so accurately that these utility lines are safer and the risk of hitting them is far lower.

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If you have some excavation that needs to be done, you can turn to D’Amorie Construction to do it for you with our hydro excavation services. We will get the job done as efficiently as possible at a price you can afford. With safety in mind, there isn’t a better option than hydro excavation. We will get your land ready for the next phase of development. Call us today!

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